The Nursery

Brian and I made a huge push to finish up the nursery this past weekend and now we can 100% officially say that IT IS DONE! This was a REALLY challenging and tough job for us because this room is a) TINY and b) used to be our office/guestroom/Brian’s closet so it meant we had a lot of stuff/clutter/etc to move out of it. Combine all of this with our severe lack of time (and energy for me) and it took a lot longer to finish up than Audrey’s nursery. If you have ever been in our house and seen this room, you know what we’re talking about!

We loved the ocean theme and I wanted to paint her room a blue color to match the blue in the madras, but it seemed silly to paint a room that we only plan on using through this upcoming spring (our 2-yr lease is up this spring and we would like to find a bigger house w/ more storage space). That meant we decided to leave the green color that was currently on the walls. Luckily, madras patterns offer so many matching color options so the green works. The bookshelves were part of the room when we moved in so obviously we feel like we cannot move them out, but they do make the room a little more awkward to work with. Luckily, they also offer lots of storage space!

I really like the way the room turned out and I think we used the space as efficiently as we could. However, I think Audrey thinks she now has a second room & a new best friend in the giant turtle. And yesterday I went up there and found her socks & shoes in the middle of the rug! This will definitely be her first test in learning that not everything belongs to her 😉

Here are some pictures:


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