Nesting or Normal (for me)?

I was talking to my mom on the phone this week and I mentioned that I felt like Caroline was going to make an early appearance. I said I wasn’t sure if I REALLY felt that way, or if I was just thinking like that in order to mentally prepare myself for an early arrival (since I was not prepared for Audrey’s early arrival). She asked if I had  been nesting and at that point, I had to say “no.” I didn’t really take that to mean anything, though, since I have had the most heinous cold for the last week and all I’ve wanted to do is come home and sleep.

However, this weekend was SO PRODUCTIVE. We finally finished up Caroline’s nursery (which was a lot of work), I baked banana & pumpkin bread and two types of cookies for freezing, I went grocery shopping (with help, of course), I cleaned the bathroom, I cleaned some of the kitchen, I made chili, and I made meatloaf for freezing. I also peeled and cut up about 50 apples to make homemade applesauce. Next up is some laundry! It’s hard to tell whether this is “nesting” or not since Brian always tells me that I tend to be a maniac like this every weekend and that I don’t know how to sit down, but I don’t think he’s ever come home to me on my hands & knees cleaning the bathroom floor before… 😉

Speaking of my heinous head cold, I was really considering calling in sick to work on Friday because I had just been miserable all week,  but I decided to suck it up and save some of my hours for maternity leave. Good thing I did because my coworkers threw me a surprise shower! It was really low-key but that’s how our office of 5 is. It was such a surprise and it took me a good 45 seconds in my sickness-induced haze to really what was going on! They decorated the office and brought in all sorts of treats. So much fun! I am so lucky to have a job that I like at a place that I like and with people I like!


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