Full-term & a full weekend!

This past weekend was a busy one for us! It was jam-packed with events from start to finish and left us happy but exhausted! Brian was able to see the Sabres/Capitals pre-season game on Friday night & I know he enjoyed his boy time. On Saturday, we had Audrey’s gymnastics class followed by a Family Day at Brian’s work. The Family Day was sort of a big deal because I had never seen where Brian works before (because of how super secret it was!) so it was fun to at least get a glimpse into his daily life. Audrey loved it because the police brought their police dogs in, so she got tons of puppy time.

After the Family Day, I went to lunch in Georgetown with some friends and we all went to see Les Mis at the Kennedy Center. It was my first time seeing it and it was great! So well done…and just like I said during my post about Wicked, you cannot have a better venue!

On Sunday, my very generous and amazing friends had a baby shower for Caroline. It was so much fun to hang out with them and to celebrate in person (since we didn’t get to have an in-person shower with Audrey). The food was delicious and the company was great! It’s strange to think that the next time I see some of them will be after Caroline is born!

Speaking of that, we hit full-term this weekend! That means Caroline can be born at any time…yikes! It’s sort of scary to not know when she is coming but I guess it also adds an element of excitement. I also happened to catch a horrible head cold this weekend; who knows if it was from the flu shot I got, the crazy weather or having a child in daycare (or all three), but I have been miserable over the last few days. While I’m all for going med-free during birth, I am not all for going med-free with a horrible cold!


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