State of the Cervix

We had our 36+ week (ahhhhh!) appointment yesterday and despite my desire not to have any internals done this pregnancy (until labor if necessary), I ended up having one under the guise of the midwife “checking to see if Caroline’s head was down”…tricky, tricky midwife! I just know that my mind will play a million games of “what if” if I knew what was going on down there, so I really didn’t want to know anything until labor started.

That being said, there has been some progress. If you don’t want to read about it, then I’m giving you fair warning that you should click off the blog now…

I am 50-75% effaced (that’s how thinned out my cervix is for those who are not fluent in labor talk. The goal is obviously to reach 100%) and Caroline is at…ready for it? ZERO STATION and fully engaged. That means that her head is as looooow as can go until she is actually born. She’s so low that she has pushed my cervix to posterior position so the midwife couldn’t really get a good feel for whether or not there is any dilation. No wonder I can breathe again without feeling like I am having a heart attack!

It’s sort of interesting to compare this to my progress with Audrey at the same point.. She was at -2 station (so she was still floating up high). I don’t remember how effaced I was (maybe 50%?) but I do remember being around 1cm dilated; the doctor was able to tell with her because her head was still high up and she hadn’t pushed my cervix back.

I am irrationally nervous that she is going to come earlier than I am ready for simply because of how low her head is! I know that internals and progress at this point are no indications of how fast labor is going to come, and that’s EXACTLY why I didn’t want one because now my mind is playing panicked games with me.

Anyway, Audrey looooves to sing to Caroline. I’ll say, “Audrey, want to sing to Caroline?” and she’ll rush over, lift my shirt off my stomach, put both her hands on it, and we’ll sing “Twinkle Twinkle.” Seeing and hearing her sing that just melts my heart. She is SO gentle and sings it so softly that it’s the cutest thing ever. Then she will give my belly a kiss. ADORABLE. That being said, I’m not sure how ready she is for the actual arrival of her little sister. I think she’s perfectly happy having Caroline exist as an abstract idea rather than an actual physical entity…


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3 responses to “State of the Cervix

  1. In case you haven’t found it yet, Joanna Cole’s “I’m a Big Sister Now!” Book was Fantastic for helping Bobby get ready and adjust after Izzy came. We actually found ourselves saying some of the same lines from the book to help him connect and understand, and I really think it helped him at least.

  2. I love State of the Cervix. It made my morning. I hope you have a pleasent last few weeks. I am sure little Caroline will make her entrance at exactly the right time

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