Take it eaaaaaaasy

Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe that I’m approaching my 35th week of pregnancy. I still expect myself to be able to do things I could do before I was pregnant or during the earlier stages of my pregnancy, but I keep getting some (not-so-gentle) reminders that I need to slow down. I’ve been getting increasingly uncomfortable & tired these days, and while I know it’s normal for this stage, it’s still frustrating.

I’ve had to really decrease my exercise over the past month for a variety of reasons. I had a really gross and painful treadmill injury after a run-in with a spider during a work-out (don’t ask); I basically had a huge road burn/skin scrape/chunk taken out of my skin right on the front part of my ankle which prevented me from wearing sneakers so anything I did had to be doable in Adidas  flip flops. Then, the day before Audrey’s birthday party, I woke up in so much pain. It felt like I had spent all night doing crunches because that’s how sore my entire abdomen was. I felt it from under my belly to way up in my ribs. It was hard to take deep breaths and every time I moved, I had sharper pains. I am not one to panic or anything (I rarely even taken Tylenol for headaches), but it was bad enough that I called the midwife on call. She said it was probably either my abdomen muscles separating or really bad Round Ligament Pain. I remember weird aches & pains w/ Audrey, but nothing like this! Needless to say, no exercising happened that day or the next or the next or the next…the soreness is still there a little bit, but it lasted for a few days.

It’s frustrating to have these limitations and to feel like my mind is willing to do something but my body just doesn’t want to follow suit. Part of me doesn’t know whether to keep trying to get on the treadmill every morning only to be discouraged when I have to get off, or if I should just call it quits for the next 5 weeks and let my body rest. I have an appointment today, so this will be discussed in detail, I’m sure.

In other news, Audrey’s 2-yr stats are:

25 lbs (39th percentile) & 35 in tall (87th percentile). No shots at this appointment. I’ll post more about her birthday party next time 🙂

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