C’mon, long weekend!

This is a much-needed long weekend for us; I cannot even stay awake right now! This weekend is the last “free” (aka: no giant plans) for us weekend until mid-October…and by then, Caroline might be here. It’s sort of overwhelming to think about it that way, so I’ve been trying to go weekend-by-weekend to make life seem less busy & more doable.

Aside from a few appointments and a possible playdate for Audrey, we’ll be doing a whole lot of relaxing & baking this weekend. Audrey has her 2-year pictures tomorrow morning, and then I have a much-needed hair appointment in the afternoon. Other than that, we’ll be spending the weekend enjoying each other’s company & doing some birthday party prep! I’ll be doing a lot of baking trial-runs for some of the desserts that I haven’t yet attempted to make so that the weekend of her birthday party doesn’t have any unwelcome surprises!

Another thing we’ll be trying to accomplish is the organization of our house & Caroline’s room. This seems to be an unending battle, but we’ll keep fighting it! I’m trying to purge a lot of unused things from the house, so that means tons of stuff is going to be posted on eBay!

I had my 32 week appointment for Caroline tomorrow & everything is still on-track. She’s still head-down and she measured right on track. As a matter of fact, she is on the bigger side of normal! This is such a relief to us because it will at least mean that hopefully we don’t have the same IUGR worries that we had with Audrey (which is what led to her induction). I’ve been having mild little contractions and it’s pretty crazy to think that I’m far enough along for that. I also had a birth day planning meeting yesterday at the birth center which went over logistics for when we go into labor & the first few days after birth. Once again, crazy to think that we are due NEXT MONTH and it’s time to start thinking about these things again.

Another crazy thing to think about is that we were celebrating Audrey’s FIRST BIRTHDAY this time last year. My, how time flies!


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