30 week appointment

Yesterday was my 30 week appt & all went well. I was really pleased after this appointment, actually. I met a midwife who was new to the practice, and I really liked her. She was pretty young compared to the others, but really sweet & knowledgeable. She’s not catching babies w/ Birth Care quite yet, but she might be at that point once Caroline comes. Because she is new & we’d never met before, we talked a lot about Audrey’s birth experience & why I chose a birth center for this birth. She made me feel like I should be SO proud of myself for being able to have an epi-free, vaginal birth after being induced, so it’s nice to hear that. Of course, I am proud of being able to do that already, but she made it seem like I wasn’t proud enough of it. Another nice thing about this appointment was that I actually got to tour the birth center’s birthing rooms and wow, they are really nice. It’s like being at a hotel! I walked in & couldn’t even imagine that people gave birth in those rooms because it lacks all of the clinical connotations held by hospital births.

I walked away from this appointment feeling happy because 1) my iron is good 2) my BP is good (it had been a little high the last two appointments because I was so amped up when it was taken for some reason, so I’m glad it’s back to “normal” even though they were never worried about it before) and 3) weight looked good. Caroline seems to already be head-down and chances of babies flipping to breech position after they’ve moved to being heads-down is really rare. Good girl, Caroline!

In other news, thank God today is Friday because it’s acting WAY more like a Monday and if it actually was a Monday, I think I might have cried. Nothing big is going on, just lots of little things adding up into one big, frustrating day. I’m also short on sleep as I haven’t been sleeping well this week, so it’s just amplifying everything. Hopefully this will be a semi-productive (yet restful) weekend, though! We need to MOVE on getting Caroline’s room ready because aside from accumulating a whole lot of stuff for it, we haven’t actually done much else. We still need to move our computer desk out, Brian needs to clean out the closet, we need to move Audrey’s crib & the dresser/changing table in there (once her big girl bed arrives next week) AND we need to PAINT. Ew, just typing that out is giving me a mini-anxiety attack, so I’m going to continue to live in denial about it for the rest of the afternoon.

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