Birthdays, anniversaries, parties, oh my!

This past week was a busy week for our family! I celebrated my 1-year anniversary at Mason on August 10 (hooray)! This was an exciting day because VA state employees have a loooong probationary period of a year, so I’m a “normal” employee now AND officially eligible for any short-term disability/FMLA benefits I’ll use during maternity leave.

Another “anniversary” that is going on in our lives is Brian’s work’s anniversary. I’m not really sure if I’m even allowed to say the acronym of the place he works on here, so I’ll leave that out. Anyway, it’s a big anniversary which involves TONS of planning, and he is one of the top people on the planning committee. One of the anniversary “parties” is this week and the other one (for the public & Congressmen, etc) is in September. Needless to say, he’s been stressed out and was even called into work this weekend…him working on the weekend is definitely not something we’re used to anymore! I’m sure this week will be pretty busy for him, too, but once Thursday is over, it’s easy breezy.

My 27th birthday was yesterday and it was a really nice day filled with lots of love from the people I care about most. It was pretty low-key, but enjoyable. Audrey naps right smack in the middle of the day so it was sort of impossible to plan a huge outing, but we did lots of little ones, including shopping & dinner in Old Town Alexandria with some good friends! Audrey’s favorite part of the day was the red velvet birthday cupcakes. She grabbed one from the tray, shoved the top of it into her face, ate the icing, put it back on the tray and grabbed another one before we could stop her! She probably would have done that with all of them, but we cut her off after two ๐Ÿ˜‰

I am also 30 weeks along this week! Crazy. I have been feeling all sorts of things…anxious, nervous, ready to not be pregnant anymore. My emotions pretty much run the gamut! I received a LOT of compliments this weekend, so those were nice to hear. Someone told me I looked so small and there’s no way I could be 30 weeks. Then I overheard people talking about me as I walked by them in the mall and they were saying I was such a pretty pregnant lady & how they wished they were pretty when they were pregnant. These are definitely compliments that should bear some weight (and they do!), but then this crazy, cross-eyed old lady (whom I am sure has never been married or had kids) told me that I looked big and that one comment seemed to erase everything else I heard that weekend. Isn’t that how it always goes? Watch your mouths, people! I know I shouldn’t even take her seriously since another thing she said to me was that she knew I was having a girl because my belly is round whereas people who have boys have pointy stomachs. Okay, lady.

Anyway, here are 30w pictures:


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3 responses to “Birthdays, anniversaries, parties, oh my!

  1. Ugh – I never know what to say to the people who think they can tell me what gender the kid will be in utero! Thanks for the heads up, I'll let my OB know??And you do look AMAZING. And don't worry about comments – I had one woman who asked if I was sure it wasn't twins in there. And another man who just stared and said "WHOA" when I came around a corner of a store my last month. Of course, I was huge. I think I had your tiny baby bump back at 20 weeks, not 30!

  2. You look wonderful – don't listen to that crazy lady! I had people telling me that my midwife must be wrong and I was definitely having twins with Matthew. I had an abnormal amount of amniotic fluid. I don't know why people feel they can say rude things to pregnant women! Anyway, you look amazing and you will do great with 2 kids. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Just for the record, do there is no doubt you absolutely positively are a beautiful pregnant lady (both times around!) And you have the cutest bump. I will be thrilled if I look half as cute.. And non-bloated ๐Ÿ˜‰

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