Testing updates & omg only 10 weeks left.

I finally found out the results of the gestational diabetes test yesterday! I don’t know why I said “finally” since it was just done on Thursday afternoon, but it felt like a long time of waiting I guess. Anyway, I called in to see if results were in and the receptionist confirmed that they were but then went on to tell me that she couldn’t tell me results & I’d have to wait for a midwife to call me back. I don’t know why I was surprised or annoyed because I know this is standard procedure, but I was just so nervous for the results that I was not happy with that answer! When the midwife returned my call, she assured me that I was doing great and that my levels were as low as they could be without them causing me to feel “off”. I think she said my glucose level was 88 (normal “fasting” glucose for pregnant women starts at 80, I think, and I wasn’t required to fast). I was told that my iron was a little bit lower than when I started off this pregnancy (35.0 vs. 36.8) but that it was normal for that to happen. She said I was still at an “adequate” level, but that she wanted to see me at a “fabulous” level. The same thing happened when I was pregnant with Audrey, so I knew it wasn’t too big of a deal. My instructions were to eat more red meat (2x a week now!) and things like lentils & then to be a lot better about taking prenatals. Oops. I told her Brian would be happy about the red meat thing and she told me that I’m allowed to eat more red meat but since he’s a man and it’s not as good for him, he’s not allowed to…haha! Sorry, Brian.

One thing I noticed about these test results vs. my test results with Audrey was that the midwife wanted me to get iron from NORMAL, every day places whereas when my iron was a little low and I was going through a normal OB practice, the substitute doctor I was seeing (mine was sick that day) immediately prescribed me iron supplements. To my own doctor’s credit, she was not happy that he had prescribed those for me since my iron wasn’t that low, but I’m really liking the “aversion to prescriptions & medication unless absolutely necessary” philosophy that most birth centers favor.

On another note, I CANNOT BELIEVE WE WILL BE 30 WEEKS THIS WEEKEND. I have started to have mini-panic attacks about a lot of things and I’m sure it’s completely normal to have those now that Caroline’s arrival is getting closer. I’m starting to worry about labor & delivery a little bit, even though it was overall a great experience with Audrey. Even though it was a great experience, it was still an exhausting, challenging, painful one and I am not sure I have the energy or drive to do it all again. I really don’t have a choice, so obviously I’ll get over that aspect, but of course the horrible scenarios of something going wrong run through my head every once in a while.

I’m also a little nervous about having two kids is going to work. It’s obviously going to be a major adjustment for us in every aspect of life. I know it will all work out, but I can’t not worry about it every once in a while! Also, I’m still questioning whether moving Audrey to Mason’s childcare facility this fall is the best option for her or if we should keep her in her current one. Lots of pros for both centers…definitely too many to get into here. It just seems like we have so much going on and we want to make the right decisions in every aspect of life, but man, that is so exhausting sometimes.


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  1. Have you tried Flinstone's? I couln't take normal prenatals, so my doc told me to take two of the chewables. It was so much more fun. Glad you don't have GD and I am sure you are having normal feelings or you wouldn't be normal!

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