Giving ourselves more credit

I feel like Brian & I constantly beat ourselves up over how we could be better parents to Audrey and maybe we don’t give ourselves enough credit. It’s probably the same with almost every other parent out there, so I know we’re no exception. However, through lots of birthday parties, we’ve gotten the opportunity lately to watch how Audrey interacts with her classmates and I have to say, she is a REALLY good girl! She knows how to take turns (whereas we have seen other kids who are not so great at that) and she is generally pretty good at sharing. When I saw how good & patient she was around her classmates, I was really impressed. Clearly, I have not been giving her enough credit, either. I only see the temper tantrums that she (and every other kid) reserves especially for mommy & daddy and sometimes that blinds me to how she is as an overall person. One of the parents at the party even asked us how she got to be such a good girl and I had to honestly say that I had no idea! Maybe we’re doing something right…who knows what that something is, though!

Something else that made me feel really great about how Audrey is developing is that today at her school, her teacher told us that out of all of the other kids in her room, Audrey is the best one about letting her parents leave her for the day. I’m choosing to take that as a sign that she is a happy & well-adjusted girl who knows that we love her & are planning on coming back for her at the end of the day. She is also speaking three word sentences now and is a HUGE conversationalist.

I know that toddler behavior can vary from child to child and that some toddlers who are crazy and don’t behave still have really great parents. Maybe we just got lucky with Audrey, but maybe we should give ourselves some more credit, too, instead of constantly analyzing our parental shortcomings.


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  1. this made me smile. i agree that sometimes its easy to forget to look at a person as a WHOLE person… not just the parts we see all the time. Playing well with others, and talking up a storm…. something tells me she'll be quite the friendly, social girl! =)

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