28 week appointment update

Today was my 28 week appointment at the birth center & gestational diabetes test. I won’t know the test results until early next week, but everything else at the appointment was normal & healthy. Caroline was measuring right on track & her heart-rate was at 138. I’ve scheduled ALL of the appointments for the remainder of the pregnancy & that’s a little bit nerve-wracking! We did also find out some good news–we were told that active duty military members rarely pay anything out-of-pocket for Birth Care’s services…an unexpected but AWESOME piece of news for us.

I’ve only gained 1.5 lbs this month (thank God!) and I have worked my butt off for that! Seeing tangible results makes it that much easier to keep pushing myself to keep up w/ exercise & super healthy eating. I’ve been really good about getting 5 miles a day in at least 6 days a week.

I’ve started comparing belly pictures from my pregnancy with Audrey to pictures from my pregnancy with Caroline & there is quite a difference! I’m much smaller this time around (yaaaay!).

29 weeks with Audrey vs. 28 weeks with Caroline:


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  1. wow, huge difference! Good work hot momma!!

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