Hello, August

I cannot believe summer is almost over! Part of me is very excited for this because it means cooler temps and the arrival of fall (my favorite) but another part of me wants time to slow down because I’m not sure how ready I am for everything to come this fall.

Brian & I spent the last weekend in July actually getting to spend some time together! It wasn’t TOO much time, so don’t think we’re getting spoiled or anything ;-). My parents came up on Saturday afternoon and spent the weekend up here, so we were able to have two nights of alone activities. We finally went to see Harry Potter 7.2 on Saturday night, and on Sunday night we, along with a group of friends, got dressed up to see Wicked at the Kennedy Center. This was my second time seeing it (and Brian’s first), and it was just as great the second time around! You can’t really have a better venue than the Kennedy Center, either. I love walking in there knowing that so many famous people have stepped in there before me. Plus, the views from all of the outdoor balconies are just beautiful! Luckily for me, I get to go see Les Mis at the Kennedy Center at the beginning of October, so I have another KC trip to look forward to! Below is a 28 week picture & a picture of me, Brian and two of our friends, Maria & Steve!

Next up on our busy summer agenda is a visit from Brian’s parents this weekend, my birthday weekend, a weekend “off” which will probably involve catching up with friends we have been neglecting lately, and then our anniversary weekend…after that, it’s September which ushers in a whole new set of crazy events! Yikes!


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