Less than 100 days to go!

So this past week we hit the double-digit countdown until Caroline’s due date! Crazy how time is flying. Sometimes it seems like this pregnancy is going by fast, but mostly it seems to be dragging. I am ready to be done w/ pregnancy but not necessarily ready to have two babies!

This has been my first full week following the GD (gestational diabetes) diet principles (watching carbs!) & upping my exercise to 5 miles a day vs. the previous 3 miles a day. I have actually been feeling great and am way less tired than I would have expected to be after upping the exercise routine. I even lost a pound within the first 5 days of doing it. Obviously losing weight is not the measure of success for doing this while pregnant, but if it happens, who is going to complain? It just means it was unnecessary weight anyway because I have definitely been eating healthily. Like I said in the last post, I didn’t have GD with Audrey and hopefully don’t have it this time around, but if I do, I’ll be ready!

Here is the general breakdown of the GD diet & carb intake for the day:
Breakfast-15 carbs (I have been having a whole wheat English muffin w/ an egg & slice of cheese; 8 oz of milk)
Snack- 15 carbs (cottage cheese & some fruit mixed in)
Lunch- 15-20 carbs (salad w/ some protein)
Snack- 15 carbs (1 cup of grapes & a few cubes of cheese)
Dinner- 30 carbs (protein & veggies and maybe some rice or quinoa…sometimes another salad)
Snack- 15 carbs (apple & some peanut butter or yogurt)

I have to say that it’s been nice to be super-structured about my eating instead of just eating when I was hungry. Even if I don’t “feel” hungry this time, I am not skipping snacks or meals and I’m sure that’s why I feel like I have more energy lately!

Of course, since I don’t have GD, I’m letting myself cheat on those numbers a little bit! We went to Carter Mountain Orchard in Charlottesville to go peach-picking this weekend & it was impossible not to have some of their delicious baked goods. Caramel apple cookies are my new favorite things!

Here is a pic at 26w1d. I don’t feel like I look too much different from the belly pic I took 4 weeks ago so that is actually encouraging to me! As one last side-note, I am loving the EatSmart scale that we bought. It is MUCH more consistent than the Homedics one!

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