It’s just a number, right?

For people who know me, you know I am really about keeping myself healthy & trying my best to eat well, maintain a healthy weight, etc. Pregnancy really throws a wrench into all of these plans. I am still exercising regularly and still trying to eat healthily, but am very unhappy with the way I am gaining weight this pregnancy. Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m on track to gain around what I gained w/ Audrey (45lbs) and I don’t want to gain that much. There is the possibility that because I started at a lower, healthier weight that 45lbs is simply what I need to gain for a healthy pregnancy, but I have my doubts about that. If I’m meant to gain 45lbs, then so be it, but I’d rather be sure I’m gaining necessary weight.

I gained 7 lbs (SEVEN POUNDS) in the five weeks since my last appointment. The midwife wasn’t too upset with my total weight gain so far, but did say that I can’t keep gaining 7 lbs every month or so (like I didn’t know that). She attributed it to the fact that I really upped my protein intake this past month, and said that next month I’d probably only gain a lb or two…no pressure, right?

In order to hopefully bring the weight gain down, I’m making some changes. Currently, I’m walking/running 3 miles a day but I’m planning on upping that to 5. Ideally, I’ll do 3 miles in the morning (like I have been) and then another 2 miles after Audrey is in bed. When I was pregnant with Audrey, I did 4 miles a day, so I’m not worried that I can’t handle 5 miles this time around. We will see how it goes.

I’m also putting myself on the diet reserved for those with gestational diabetes. I didn’t have GD with Audrey and hopefully don’t this time around (we’ll find out next appt!), but I’ve heard from many people that it really helped stall the unnecessary weight gain. It’s almost what I’ve been following anyway (but with added, healthy snacks) but it means I really have to cut out all sweets…and I’m okay with that. My self control is not what it usually is when I’m not pregnant, so having strict guidelines will hopefully help me!

Lastly, I also invested in a new scale. Our expensive Homedics one is so fickle and gives very different readings within about 2 minutes of the last reading. It’s not consistent at all. It’s been moved cross-country and kicked around a lot in the bathroom, so maybe it’s just time for a new one. I’ve invested in the EatSmart Precision Digital Scale, so hopefully this will help track my weight a little more accurately.



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4 responses to “It’s just a number, right?

  1. Oh sweetie, I feel for you! My second trimester seemed to be when I gained ALL of my weight with Izzy. Of course, I didn't know that at the time and was scared I was going to go way over my weight goal. But diet/exercise/fate helped slow the weight gain waay down in the third tri. and I only gained a pound more than I did with Bobby. Of course now? The pooch seems to be taking FOREVER to leave. MUCH longer than it did with Bobby.Or maybe it's just my expectations?Either way – just stay healthy. Remember – you lost it once, you can do it again.

  2. Stress does influence weight gain… stop worryin! =)if there's one thing i've learned throughout sports and life in general, its that your body ultimately knows what it needs and it will make adjustments to keep itself in balance. keep a close eye to make sure you're giving it enough of the good stuff (vitamins and nutrients, and eating fresh ingredients instead of packaged stuff)…but other than that, just listen to your body. i'm not sure what a GD diet entails, but cutting down on the carb-heavy sugary treats is probably a good idea. my favorite 'sweet craving' fix is to melt a little bit of healthier dark chocolate and dip fruit in it. antioxidants + vitamins with CHOCOLATE involved. woo!Of course perhaps miss Caroline just plain has a different growing plan than miss Audrey! =P

  3. also, keep me updated on that new scale. i still need to pick one out for our registry and i have no idea where to start. haha

  4. Liz

    thanks, ladies! mary, the GD diet is pretty much counting carbs, 3 meals & 3 snacks a day, watching processed sugar, etc. I think I really need to be very focused on eating regularly because (and I know this is such a cliched thing to happen and i know better!) because if I am not hungry at work, I won't eat,and it happens a lot that I'm not hungry here because our office is stuffy and not conducive to an appetite, I get busy, etc. Then, I come home STARVING! vicious cycle. but i am on day 2 of going by the GD principles and i'm feeling good!annnd day 3 of 5 miles per day and feeling awesome so far. i was afraid i wouldn't have time to tack on an extra 2 miles, but i think that as long as i'm somewhat flexible with myself, i can do it!

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