Big-girl bed, pink-eye & protein update

Audrey moved into a big-girl bed this weekend! We were a little nervous as to how it would go, but she did fabulously. She was so excited to be able to jump on it and play in it whenever she wanted, but when bedtime came around, she seemed to think she couldn’t move off it. We’re definitely not complaining about that! I did catch her jumping on it one night when I peeked in on her, though, ha ha. She is sleeping in the funniest positions, too. It’s been amusing to peek in on her every night!

Audrey also had another bout of pink eye this weekend. It was much worse than last time and she got it in both of her eyes. She was absolutely miserable at times and would go through random spurts of crying which definitely clued us in that she was feeling awful. At least it happened over the weekend so that she could be non-contagious and mostly functional again for daycare today.

In other news, I am rocking the protein intake. I haven’t found it to be particularly challenging, actually. It just actually involves me having to consciously think about where I’m going to get protein at each meal. I haven’t had issues eating the foods that get me protein, though. I usually eat healthy foods consistently anyway, so I am attributing this easier transition to that…I’m trying to definitely pack more punch in the foods I am eating. Fruit is great but I guess I can’t subsist on it all day long!



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2 responses to “Big-girl bed, pink-eye & protein update

  1. Yay for real beds! We're moving Bobby to one a few weeks after we get to Maine – any suggestions to make it fun and not scary for him?

  2. Liz

    We set it up while she watched so that bedtime wasn't the first time that she saw it. I think it also helped that she's still in the same "bed" as before, just with one side let down. We let her play on it when she wants to just so she can get the hang of it and not be afraid. It's funny because she'll say "night night!" and point to me, so it means I have to come and lay on her bed and then she'll cover me with blankets & say goodnight to me…so I think that somehow also helps her understand.

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