20 week appointment

We had our 20 week appointment for little Miss Caroline this afternoon & I was a big fan of today’s midwife. She was a “give it to you straight” kind of lady, and I appreciated that so much, especially since I was looking for honest advice/answers this appointment. I have been worried about/frustrated with my weight gain. I’ve gained 15lbs so far, and that puts me right on track to gain as much as I did with Audrey (if you go by the “gain 1/3rd of your weight during the first 20 weeks and 2/3 after” motto) and I did not want to gain that much this time around. I know that I won’t necessarily gain another 30 lbs, and I’d really like to avoid it if I could. I did lose all of the baby weight with Audrey before getting pregnant with Caroline, but I don’t want to have to lose that much again this time around!

I explained to the midwife that I feel like I’m making healthy decisions this time and I’ve been exercising almost every day, so I’m not sure what I can do differently. Luckily for me, this also happened to be the appointment that my 3-day diet tracking chart was due, so we were able to look at that together and try to come up with some solutions. Basically, I fail at getting protein and that’s something I really need to work on. She thinks that by increasing my protein intake, it may help with the weight gain simply because of how protein is processed in the body and how filling it is. My problem is too much fruit/veggie intake, not enough meat/nuts/beans intake. What’s funny is that I got the impression that she wants me to eat more, which is interesting given the fact that I already feel like I’m packing on pounds, so how is that possible if she wants me to eat more?! Anyway, I’m glad to have had this chat with her & will be actively looking for ways to increase my protein intake for the rest of the pregnancy (and hoping that she’s right about the weight thing!). She also said that sometimes exercising makes the numbers on the scale higher because you build muscle mass. Of course I know that, but since I’ve been a regular exerciser since before pregnancy, I don’t really know how true that theory is for me right now.

My blood pressure was a little “up” at 110/76…if that is my elevated BP, then I guess I have nothing to worry about since that’s still completely normal. She attributed both that & Caroline’s 148 bpm heart-rate to the crazy heat we’ve been having today (105 when we walked into the office, not counting humidity!).

Anyway, give me ideas on protein intake! I plan on trying to eat more chicken/turkey/meat in general at dinner, but I think I’m also going to start eating mozzarella cheese sticks as a snack. I usually do eat peanut butter w/ apples during the week as a snack, and I’m really into hummus (which I haven’t had lately). I’m also good with egg intake….anything else!?!

Here is a belly picture from 20w:



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6 responses to “20 week appointment

  1. Quinoa is a "complete protein," so I bet it would be perfect for you right now! I'm trying this quinoa recipe over the weekend (http://www.nytimes.com/2010/07/13/health/nutrition/13recipehealth.html); I'll let you know how it goes!

  2. Liz

    thank you! i have been intrigued by quinoa for a very long time, but also intimidated by it for some reason (probably just because it's something new for me that i'm not used to eating/preparing/etc), so i'll be anxiously awaiting your review of the recipe and probably buying some this weekend!

  3. Maybe it's b/c fruit has its own natural sugars and a TON of water? I've been having trouble keeping my weight gains low the past two weeks – and ALL I've wanted to eat has been fruit and salad…so maybe there is some truth to that. Try pistachios – GREAT snack, filling but you won't eat as many as you think b/c you have to take the time to crack them first. I ate them for 6months straight with Bobby (sometimes as lunch), and my weight gain with him was phenomenal.

  4. Go for high in protein, low in fat. Beans, nuts, whole grains, fish, chicken! Lean cuts of any beef you eat. Soy is an option too. A lot of the Kashi Go Lean stuff is loaded with protein. Read labels, you will be surprised! You want more or equal protein than sugar to keep glucose in check. I was hypoglycemic for awhile and any recipes for that population will be loaded with protein. Avocados have a few grams of protein but I loved them for pregnancy b/c they are packed with nutrients and healthy fat. I did research for you:Why, in some studies, do high-protein, low-carb diets seem to work more quickly than low-fat, high-carbohydrate diets, at least in the short run? First, chicken, beef, fish, beans, or other high-protein foods slow the movement of food from the stomach to the intestine. Slower stomach emptying means you feel full for longer and get hungrier later. Second, protein's gentle, steady effect on blood sugar avoids the quick, steep rise in blood sugar and just as quick hunger-bell-ringing fall that occurs after eating a rapidly digested carbohydrate, like white bread or baked potato. Third, the body uses more energy to digest protein than it does to digest fat or carbohydrate.

  5. I have hypoglycemia and have to be really good about eating a high protein diet too. Not sure if the following things are allowed when you're pregnant, but here are some that have word for me:Black bean burgers with avocado salsa (recipe on my website- sorry I don't have it right now but I will try and get it if you want it :), Morning Star everything (fried chicken pattys and chicken nuggets taste pretty much like the real thing but way better for you, string cheese, edamame, almonds, greek yogurt or low carb yogurt (kroget has a brand that is cheaper). Also I don't feel like eating in the morning when I get so early, so I mix protein powder and milk and put it in a blender with frozen fruit or just shake the two together. Its really good and for just "chocolate milk" it keeps me full for a long time.

  6. Ps I think you look great and are an adorable pregnant lady:) and I love the name caroline! It goes perfectly with audrey too

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