An introduction & a reunion

Please say hello to Caroline Joy, our newest little addition who is due to arrive on October 23 (you can see her sucking her thumb in the ultrasound picture). She is 100% healthy, and was moving like crazy during the ultrasound. She’s been a mover & a shaker so far (I first felt her around 16-17 weeks and Brian felt her kick on the outside a week later) and it was funny to get visible confirmation of that. We are so excited to add another little girl to the family! We have had such a great experience raising Audrey and look forward to all sorts of girly things again! I know Audrey will love being a big sister, especially to a little sister that she can dress up & boss around. Maybe it will give Brian and me a reprieve from her bossing us around!

In addition to finding out that our little Caroline is a girl, we spent this past weekend at UVA for Reunions Weekend! It was my 5-year (and therefore first-ever) college reunion and I will definitely be making a point to go every 5 years! I had so much fun getting to see all of my favorite people all together again in one of my favorite places. It was a relaxing weekend, but not a restful one…does that make sense? It was relaxing in the sense that there was no real set schedule so we did a lot of things on our own timetable (well, there could be a set schedule if you wanted it that way, but we signed up for things with the intention of “if it works out and we go, great, if not, we’ll do our own thing!) but at the same time, we didn’t get a lot of sleep. At least I’m not able to drink because if so, I’d probably be feeling a lot worse this morning!

One of the fun things about my reunion being this weekend was that we were able to tell many of our friends in person about little Caroline’s sex. We did this by having one of our good friends, Lauren, bake some cupcakes filled with pink icing. That way, people had to bite into the cupcake to see what sex the baby was! Since we didn’t get to celebrate in person with Audrey’s sex reveal, it was nice to be able to do it with Caroline’s!


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