Memorial Day weekend fun

We had such a fun long weekend and it was jam-packed full of fun things! It didn’t start off too well as we found out that Audrey was bitten a fifth time at her daycare. It had been about a month since the last bite so we thought we were in the clear, but apparently we’re back at square one. We’re hoping to either force the daycare to take action against the biter or else we’re going to tour a new daycare on Friday & figure out where to go from there. It seems sort of (aka: REALLY) unfair that by doing nothing, daycare is essentially forcing our hand; it breaks my heart to think that Audrey might have to go through a transition to a new place simply because daycare cannot/will not take care of her & put her safety (and the safety of her classmates) first. We don’t think the teachers are the problem at all, and Audrey loves them so much. The problem seems to be with the management not taking any action to allow the teachers to actually do their jobs to the best of their abilities. Anyway. It’s just added stress that we really don’t want to even think about right now but are obviously going to be forced to deal with in a prompt manner.

Luckily, our weekend improved from there. On Saturday, we did all sorts of running around & errands. The highlight of the day was meeting up with our pseudo-mom from Montana, Mary, and her daughter, Spud. Mary & her husband, John, were such good friends to us in Montana! Mary really was like a pseudo-mom. Luckily for us, her daughter lives in the DC area so we will hopefully get to keep in touch with her for a very long time! It was so great to see her; it’s been a year since we’ve seen her last and so much has changed since then, but it was like no time had passed between us!

Sunday was a really fun and really long day! We went to the Nationals’ baseball game with some of our good friends. It was our first Nationals’ game & Audrey’s first baseball game in general. We had great seats, great company, great food and okay baseball. There was even a Nationals/MLB-themed Build-a-Bear, so Audrey and I made a bear to remember the occasion! Afterwards, we all went back to our house for a cookout & adult hangout time. We’ll get to spend all of next weekend together, too, since we’ll all be at UVA for our 5-year college reunion! I am so glad to be back in Virginia with all of these fantastic friends! Here are some pictures from the weekend:

PS: Moving my workout session back to the morning has been amazing! It’s so much easier for me to motivate myself to do it when I’m not tired and there aren’t a billion other things I could be doing at the moment (because really, once I’m out of bed, what else would I be doing at 6am?) It’s so nice to come home & get to relax, too.


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