A week full of good!

This past week was a great week for our household. We found out that Brian no longer has to work shift-work anymore which means EVERY WEEKEND OFF. I cannot believe that! It will be such a change for us and I don’t think I fully comprehend what it means yet. For instance, I got so excited yesterday when I realized that I wouldn’t have to check with Brian’s schedule anymore anytime I wanted to make a hair appointment on a Saturday! He’ll have one week a month of being on call, but compared to what life used to be like, no one can complain about that.

We spent the past weekend in Buffalo for a good friend’s wedding. It was such a beautiful wedding, and we love the bride & groom a lot, which makes it even more meaningful to be able to share their day with them. Brian was the best man so he was actively involved, and his family was also invited, so it was a fun, family affair! The picture below features Mary (my future sister), Mark (my brother-in-law), me, Brian, Mark & Lindsay. We also were able to celebrate Brian’s mom’s 60th birthday while we were in town, and I think we both enjoyed being able to spend so much time with family.

In pregnancy-related news, I have to make the move from post-work workout to pre-work workout. Audrey’s bedtime is getting to be much later than it was before, and finishing up a work-out around 8:30 is just too late for me. I like working out in the morning much better than doing it after work, but definitely got out of that habit once Audrey was born. In addition to Audrey going to bed later, I am always so exhausted after work and getting on the treadmill is the last thing I want to do!

We have about one more week until we find out what baby #2’s sex is!


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  1. it really was such a fun weekend! even though we have our 'end of the night' faces on, i love that picture =) …can't wait for next week!

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