Monday blues.

I don’t care how happy someone is to be pregnant, there is no worse feeling in the world than when your clothes start to feel snug. I had my first “Oh crap, this shirt doesn’t fit anymore” moment yesterday and it really sucked! Granted, it was a Banana Republic XS, so I probably shouldn’t be too upset, but I just tried it on 7 weeks ago and it was fine; now it is snug on the hips. UGGGH. This is my least favorite part of pregnancy, and probably Brian’s too because he has to constantly hear me whine about weight, size changes, etc. I am still fitting into my skinny jeans and they feel okay in the mornings, but not quite so comfortable later on in the day…hopefully I still have lots of time in normal jeans because I can’t take that mental blow anytime soon!

Audrey was NOT a fan of being dropped off at daycare today. She gave me the all-out, scrunched-up-face, “don’t leave me, mama” cries. Usually she is happy when I drop her off but today…not so much. Coupled with the fact that she & Brian are taking a trip to Buffalo this weekend, it really got to me. I will be happy for (and desperately need) the time alone, but I will miss her like crazy! And we had such a fun weekend together, so leaving her today was not on the top of my list of things to do, either.

When I got to work, I realized the soup that I had packed for lunch spilled ALL over my cooler and everything else in it. Luckily everything else was just fruit & easy to wipe down, but man, definitely a crappy thing to discover this morning

I’m hoping the beautiful weather & my nice cup of tea will put me in a better mood, but I’ll still be counting down the minutes until I get to go home again!


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  1. Completely feel you on clothes not fitting, but now I'm doing it from the other side…I cannot wait to fit back into my normal jeans again! Yay for dresses though – those fit so much better for so much longer:)

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