Food, food, food

So if you know anything about our family, you know that Brian is not a fan of a lot (most) vegetables. In an effort to get him to eat more of them, we have both agreed to try a book called “The Sneaky Chef.” I think the book is mostly geared towards getting kids to eat more veggies, but hey, it works on picky husbands, too! The idea of this book is to include more veggies in the forms of purees that are added into things like sauce, broths, etc. Today we tried our first recipe, Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup. It was a HUGE hit! We started out easy and today’s puree wasn’t too hard for Brian to swallow as it was simply pureed white beans added into the broth.

You can find the recipe here. We doubled it and I chopped & added about 4 celery stems and 4 carrots. We’ll be trying two other recipes from her book this week: Tricky Taco Soup & No Harm Chicken Parm…I’d tell you the secret ingredients for those, but Brian has agreed to these experiments only as long as he has no clue as to which vegetable(s) he’s eating 😉

We’ve also started baking our own bread! One of my friends inspired me to buy a book called “Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day.” IT IS AMAZING! We are already in love with it and we’ve only made one batch. The idea of this (at least for the basic boule loaves) is to mix a huge batch of dough all at once which can be stored in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. Then, when you’re ready for a fresh loaf, you just cut off a portion of that big batch and bake on the spot! We’ve already baked two loaves today. SO yummy! There are also about a billion other specialty bread recipes in there that I cannot wait to try! Even Audrey couldn’t get enough!

I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated on our vegetable & bread experiments!



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5 responses to “Food, food, food

  1. I have been seeing that book everywhere (the bread one) and was wondering if it was any good.We need to work on our veggies here too, thanks for the inspiration.

  2. YAY! We are so obsessed with that book. We have a fresh loaf in the oven right now, in fact. Glad you are liking it too! I'm excited to hear about more of your secret veggie adventures. 🙂

  3. Wow I will have to buy that bread book…I am all about the baking and I swear we buy a loaf every other day anyway. I decided to switch to all veggie baby food with C for awhile so I can make sure she likes it. We will do fruits when we run out. Got to start them young 🙂

  4. Liz

    lauren, yes! however, audrey is not our house's vegetable problem, brian is 😉

  5. both sound like fun! I only had to sneak vegetables once or twice by cutting them into microscopic pieces and putting them in all sorts of pasta and rice dishes (cheesy broccoli rice might be a good one!) some other vegetables would hide well in a chunky tomato pasta sauce if chopped small enough.slivers of cucumber and peppers go great in salads or tacos. stuffed zucchini is a good try too (usually half a zucchini topped with sausage/bacon) but you could try a deconstructed casserole version to make it look less like of my favorite 'sneaky but not so sneaky' recipes is for butternut squash sauce. it definitely tastes different, but you can adjust the texture/taste by adding other ingredients, and it essentially replaces a cream saucegood luck!

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