This is why people hate America.

I am probably about to get a little controversial in this post but I don’t really care because this is something that has been bothering me for the last few weeks.

I cannot stand all the complaints about gas prices. I feel as if these complaints are completely unfounded and selfish. If you look at what other countries around the world are paying for gas, our gas is cheap! In addition, it is JUST like America to only care about money and how things impact us. Why not actually look globally to see what is occurring in the rest of the world to actually cause this rise in gas prices? Why don’t we care about those situations in Libya and Saudi Arabia? This is why no one likes us! We are completely materialistic, ignorant & selfish.

I get that it’s costing people more money in a slow economy but is that enough to look into oil reserves? It’s definitely not in my mind.

And I’m sorry that you pay a billion dollars to fill up your tank now, but you probably shouldn’t have bought that Hummer or SUV.

And honestly, statuses on FB and twitter today should not be complaints about gas prices but rather a show in solidarity with Japan. Perspective & priorities, people.

As an addendum to this, this is a real tweet from today:

Rob Pattinson News

by peoplemag

-▸ @ has the latest on how the tsunami has affected production in Tofino REALLY? That’s another reason people hate America.


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