Super Bowl menu recap

We had a little get-together at our house for the Super Bowl…lots of fun and WAY TOO MUCH FOOD. That is a constant problem we have when we host. We always end up with tons of leftovers.

Here was our menu:
–homemade pulled pork
–homemade macaroni & cheese
–potato supreme (you know, the yummy cheesy potato casserole w/ cornflakes on top)
–m&m/hershey kiss pretzels (my favorite thing in the whole wide world)
–freshly baked sugar cookies and icing
–freshly baked chocolate chip cookies (from both us & Kara!)
–sweet & sour meatballs (from Kristen)
–mini quiches (from Kristen)
–breadbowl crack dip (from Steve)
–Paula Deen’s delicious banana pudding (from Maria)
–homemade (well, Velveeta & Rotel) queso
–chips & salsa
–chips & dip
–carrots & hummus (which went untouched, haha!)

I think that was it! Regardless, this is why I think I’ll be full for the rest of the week.

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  1. I do the hershey kiss and pretzel thing too. Have you tried it with rolos? Divine!

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