Scary Saturday

Yesterday was a scary day for us. Audrey woke up in the middle of the night on Friday night/Saturday morning (not unusual when she is teething, so we thought nothing of it). Then, she woke up for the day at 11:30 am on Saturday…THAT was very unusual because her normal wake-up time is 7:30am. I thought I was just getting lucky because she’d been having midnight wakeups all week long, so these extra few hours of sleep must be my reward! When she finally woke up, I went up to grab her and change her and she had a rash everywhere. I noticed it on her legs first, then on her arms and then even a spot or two on her face. It wasn’t a rash I’ve ever seen on her (or anyone, really) before, so it made me a little nervous. It was bright red, with white raised segments. On top of the rash, she felt really warm, so I took her temp and it was 100.5. She doesn’t usually ever have a fever, even when she teethes. I got pretty nervous after that, so I called the base clinic. I was told that their system was down (surprise), and I could either go to the ER or sit there and dictate Audrey’s entire history over the phone, wait for the lady to call the triage nurse & then wait for the triage nurse to call us back with an appointment. SERIOUSLY!? Meanwhile, Audrey’s sitting in her highchair with chattering teeth. No brainer on that one…so off to the ER we went.

Brian was working, so I kept trying to call him and wasn’t able to reach him for OVER TWO HOURS. I was getting pretty mad (okay, “livid” is a more accurate word), especially because we have had this conversation before on previous days when I’ve had trouble getting ahold of him. Despite his assurances that in an emergency I’d always be able to reach him, that was definitely not the case. I can’t blame only him because it was other people who answered his phone when he stepped away who never really went to find him, but it made the situation that much more stressful. After I got ahold of him, he had to wait for someone else to get ready, drive out there and relieve him before he could meet us. Needless to say, this sort of makes me very nervous if anything HUGE and HORRIBLE were to happen where we needed him ASAP.

Anyway, I think going to the ER was much more efficient than actually having a scheduled appointment because we were in within 30 minutes of getting there. It turns out Audrey has her first ear infection…thank God it was something pretty minor, but oh my gosh, it was scary. I kept thinking she was having some sort of reaction to her dinner from the night before (she’d had mushrooms for the second time) or that something really horrible was wrong! And dealing with it on my own did nothing to assuage my fears.

Here is a picture of part of the rash…it looks much less scary in picture form than it did in real life!



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2 responses to “Scary Saturday

  1. oh my goodness Liz that is so scary! I had no idea kids could get horrible rashes from an ear infection. It reminds me of when our good friends from Savannah's little girl had a fever and apparently threw up and had a seizure when she was about 15-18 months old. They called 911 and the 911 people were like oh thats surprisingly normal, are you sure you want us to send an ambulance? Isnt that crazy? I would definitely take my baby to the ER in either of these cases and assume the worst. So glad she is okay though!

  2. I have never seen a rash like that either! So crazy, but I am glad, that it was only an ear infection. I hope she starts feeling better quickly. I feel you on reaching spouses. It used to drive me nuts before we had the kid. If you find the solution I am sure there are many spouses that would be thankful.

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