How we spent our Christmas

Brian and I had an absolutely amazing Christmas this year. It was probably my favorite Christmas in recent memory, honestly. My parents came up for Christmas Eve and we ate a lot of delicious food and cookies, and opened lots of presents. Brian had to work Christmas Eve, but came home around 2pm, so he didn’t miss out on any of it. It was so low-key but really fun. Audrey had a blast and was laughing almost the whole time. She was a very prissy present opener and after a few gifts, she got bored of opening things. After Audrey set out a plate of cookies & milk for Santa, she went to bed, my parents departed and Brian and I opened our personal gifts to each other.

We spent Christmas day as just the three of us and it was absolutely perfect. I am so happy things worked out this way. We were able to relax, enjoy each other’s company (it is rare that the three of us have more then 1 hour or so of time together a day) and do things at our pace. We were able to appreciate the meaning of the season; it wasn’t lost in the hustle and bustle of crazy Christmas happenings. Brian and I discussed making this sort of Christmas our yearly tradition…only the three of us (or 4 or 5 or 6 depending on when the next kids come along!) on that day. We’ll see if that actually works, but it’s a serious goal.

Brian’s parents spent this past week at our house to do their own Christmas with Audrey. By the time she opened up presents this time, she knew exactly what a wrapped box meant: MORE TOYS! It was a busy week and we took “field trips” to see Occoquan, the Capitol, the Air & Space Museum and the National Harbor.

It was a fun & busy holiday, but I am ready to get back into a routine. I’m almost happy to be back at work (notice I said almost.) I’m a huge creature of habit, so I can only handle my schedule being disrupted for so long before I get crabby!

I hope everyone else had a fantastic holiday season and that you all have a very happy & blessed 2011!


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