Did you know?

One of my favorite Christmas songs this year is “Mary, Did You Know?” It never used to be one of my favorites, but after having Audrey, I listen to songs/lyrics with a whole new set of ears. Obviously the song is written about Jesus and not everyday, “normal” babies, but I can’t help relating the lyrics to every child/mother/parent. I listen to the song and think about all of the hopes, dreams and wishes we have for Audrey, and how we don’t yet know what great things she will accomplish with her life. We hold her, rock her & kiss her and have no idea of the impact she will have on the world. I know the uncertainty of their child’s future might be intimidating or overwhelming to some, but to me, it is full of hope. It is amazing to think that this little girl I cuddle and hold might somehow have some huge impact on the world. Even if she doesn’t have a worldwide influence, she has already had an impact on those who know & love her, and will most certainly continue to impact people…both the people she knows now and those who have yet to meet her. When I hold and rock her before bedtime, I constantly wonder what she will be like in the years to come. I cannot wait to see and feel so blessed that I will be able to witness it.

Two of my favorite lines from this song are, “Did you know that your baby boy has come to make you new and this child that you’ve delivered will soon deliver you?” and “When you kiss your little baby, you kiss the face of God.” These lines touch my heart so much because I feel as if Audrey, in her own way, is my saving grace and has delivered me. She is my purpose and the greatest blessing of my life. How can I not believe in a higher power when I look into her sweet, innocent & unconditionally loving face? I truly believe that all that is good in this world is packaged up and delivered to parents in their little bundle of a baby. Audrey’s face allows me to feel such unadulterated hope, innocence & optimism again…she has given Brian and me new life, just like we have given life to her. What an awe-inspiring gift.

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  1. Liz, this is a beautiful post – your words and picture. Merry Christmas! Cheryl

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