Some days

Some days I really wish I could go back to my stay-at-home mom days. Those were a great 6 months! These days, whenever I drop Audrey off at daycare (if Brian can’t) or leave for work in the morning, Audrey cries and whimpers. If I’m holding her, she won’t let go, even if Brian is the one trying to take her. If I’m not holding her, she’ll toddle/”run” her way over to me with her little arms outstretched. It is heartbreaking, and it sucks to start your day off like that every single morning.

There was not really a point to this post, but I have been feeling down about this all morning, so I’m sharing it with you!


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  1. Willa does the same thing. I can't put her down at daycare at all. Somebody has to take her and I have to walk out quickly. I can still hear her. When we get home she won't let me put her down at all. It's bittersweet. I like to cuddle but things still need to get done. Some days are better than others and I tell myself, this too shall pass. Hang in there.

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