A trip to the motherland

This past weekend, Audrey, Brian & I took a trip to Charlottesville. Audrey spent the weekend at Grandma & Grandpa’s, while Brian and I embarked on a full 24 hours of being childless! It was almost like we were normal people again. We spent Saturday roaming around UVA and the Corner and attending the UVA football game. It was the first game I have been able to attend since Fall 2006! For someone who loves UVA football and attended every single home game (and some away games) of her college career, a 4 year dry-spell was very hard. Even though we only played Eastern Michigan, it was great to be back in Scott Stadium. Maybe it was for the best that we were only able to attend the EMU game this year because at least we went to a game they won. I keep waiting for their rebuilding years to be over…at least during my college career, they were a decent team.

Anyway, it was strange being back at UVA. There is NO ONE I know who is currently attending because everyone in school while I was in school has already graduated. So surreal. I will say that when we walked out of Maarten’s after a couple of drinks, I felt like I was right back in college, ha ha. Campus is still as beautiful as ever, and I’m so glad we got to see Dunglison again before they start tearing those dorms down…whenever that is. I still maintain that Charlottesville/UVA is one of the most gorgeous places on earth, and you can’t deny that my husband and child look amazing in blue & orange!

We spent Sunday visiting with friends. We had brunch on the Downtown Mall with Caitlin & Michael. It’s so nice to be able to see them semi-regularly now, and to get to say “See you soon” at the end of our visits and actually MEAN it because we aren’t across the country anymore. This time’s “see you soon” will more than likely be AT THEIR WEDDING! After a delicious brunch, we were able to meet John & Lauren’s very new & fresh baby, Celia! She was born this past Thursday, so we felt blessed to get to meet her! She is adorable and has a full head of adorable blond hair. I loved holding a newborn again, but after listening to their stories about those first few panic-induced, sleepless nights home from the hospital, I think our decision to wait a little while longer for number 2 is a good one for us! It was beautiful, though, to see two of our best friends with their new little blessing.


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