Back to fighting weight!

It’s official! I am 100% back to my pre-pregnancy weight! The stubborn last 5 lbs that have lingered since around springtime are no more. I realized the other day that I haven’t seen this number on the scale since Jan-Feb of 2009! How weird, but how awesome. I am SO excited about it, and need to keep the momentum going through the holidays. Breastfeeding definitely helped the first 40 lbs come off pretty easily, but it seemed that weaning Audrey onto whole milk/frozen BM at 12 months allowed me to really focus on losing the rest of the weight. Before, I was always worried about getting enough calories & not going work-out crazy because those things can affect your supply. However, being done w/ breastfeeding means I can really get down to the nitty-gritty of losing that weight. Hooray!

I have been working hard these last few weeks and really watching my food intake and being really good about exercising. I’ve been super dedicated to the treadmill again now that we finally were able to replace the one the movers broke. Before and during pregnancy, I walked about 4 miles per day (right up until the day we were induced!) but between having Audrey around, moving cross-country, a broken treadmill & hot Virginia summers, that definitely fell by the wayside. It feels good to start it up again, and you can’t argue with the results!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE having my ENTIRE wardrobe back!



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4 responses to “Back to fighting weight!

  1. Way to go Liz!!! I hope you did a few happy dances after getting off the scale. I love your new family photos!

  2. I meant to tell you today how skinny you looked 🙂 Good work!!!!

  3. Congrats! That is so awesome and it is very encouraging to know that it is possible to get back to pre-pregnancy weight:)

  4. Hurray, Liz! I've still got 20lbs to go and it's so depressing! =o(

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