Remember when?

I had time to pay attention to the blog? Haha. My friend, Joanna, just wrote a post which included the great Alan Jackson song, “Remember When,” so now that is in my head.

Audrey has been growing like a weed. She is just so funny and I can honestly say that she is my best little friend and partner. We have so much fun together on our mommy/Audrey adventures (which we are getting a lot of on the weekends because Brian is usually working.)She is in a mommy phase right now, and I love it! I think it hurts Brian’s feelings a little bit but I know he’ll get his day. She’s been doing and learning all sorts of things and trying to perfect her communication skills. She is SO ticklish, and is starting to get really into walking. Today was the first time I’ve seen her go all-out walking. She was doing it ALL night as opposed to simply in little spurts like she used to. She is really growing up. Brian & I look at each other almost every night and muse about the fact that we can see so much of a difference in her every single day.

In more adult news, I’m going to have to be going in for two oral surgeries in the near future. My wisdom teeth will be coming out soon enough. I knew it was only a matter of time before that was going to happen! The second surgery is a gum graft because one of my gums has a slight recession which the periodontist said is probably because of having braces and/or scrubbing to hard when I brush my teeth. The gum graft sounds totally NOT fun…I think I’m actually more apprehensive about that than the wisdom teeth even though I’ll be able to drive myself there & home, and the procedure is only 30 minutes.

In job news, Brian is super busy as usual. Since he can’t talk about anything work-related, that’s probably all you’ll hear about his work life ever. My job is okay. I know it’s a stepping stone/foot in the door, and I keep trying to remind myself of that during times when I get really frustrated because I feel like I am not using my college degree at all. I have already had people tell me to talk to them when I am ready to move on, so hopefully that is a good sign. I’m hoping my level of satisfaction goes up when I start classes in the spring. I feel like I always need to clarify that I don’t HATE the job, I just want to do more and actually feel like I’m taking advantage of having degrees.

We had our family photos/Audrey’s 1st year photo shoot this past weekend, so I’ll leave you with a goofy Audrey picture:


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