Tying up the loose ends of babyhood

With the passing of Audrey’s first birthday essentially came the passing of her babyhood (sob) which means putting away some of her old things, and bringing out new things. We have enough breastmilk in the freezer to last her through at least December (which would be a total of at least 15 months of being breastfed–hooray!). This means the time has come for me to disassociate myself from the breast pump! It is both exciting and a little sad. Despite HATING the breast pump, sometimes I get a little bit sniffly about stopping simply because it means SHE IS GROWING UP. I know those emotions will dissipate SOON(they have already started disappearing) because after about 21-22 months, I will finally have my body back to myself again! What a weird feeling that will be! FREEDOM! I have already way cut back on sessions (down to 2 a day now), and I will say, it’s nice to not have to pump three times (or at all!) at work anymore. The downside to that is not burning extra calories by doing absolutely nothing…that will be an adjustment! I have to go back to eating the normal, single person caloric intake again.

Joking aside, I am very, very proud of the fact that Audrey has been exclusively breastfed for the first year-plus of her life, especially given the challenges we faced both in the beginning and after her bout with RSV. I went into breastfeeding saying that there “wasn’t an option” to not do it because I would somehow make it work, and I did. Just like the epi-free birth, it was hard hard hard, but so one-hundred percent worth it (our bank account says so, too!)

We are trying to wean her off bottles and onto sippy cups again. She is doing pretty well at it, and I think the change will come, even if it is gradually. She loves her sippy cup, but still likes her bottle at night and naptime. We are also trying to get rid of the pacifier! Just like the bottle, she doesn’t use it except naptime and bed…and half the time she throws it overboard anyway. At least she isn’t one of those babies who has it in her mouth 24/7, so I am hopeful that getting rid of it won’t be too hard.

Anyway, she has been so much fun lately, and I am so enjoying every minute with her. I am so blessed! There is nothing better and more rewarding than motherhood…and that’s what I need to tell myself when she wakes up in the middle of the night.


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