Audrey’s birthday party extravaganza!

Where to start with this post? I keep making excuses for why I don’t blog all that frequently, but the truth is, I am enjoying my life and activities so much and I just don’t have the time/energy at the end of the day to write about every little facet of our lives.

I will spare you the minutiae of our daily lives and just talk about Audrey’s first birthday extravaganza! She had her very own long weekend of celebrations! Brian’s family (cousin & babies, aunt, grandma, parents, brother and fiancee) came down on Thursday and spent the whole weekend here. We were able to do some tourist-y things with them like wine tasting w/ his cousin, brother and fiancee, and going on a boat trip on the Potomac. Audrey absolutely LOVED the boat trip. She didn’t nap all day, so I was worried about how she would behave, but she had so much fun that I think she forgot how tired she was (until she fell asleep on grandpa and daddy at lunch.) She just kept clapping and squealing and enjoying the wind on her face and through her hair!

Her actual party was so much fun! We did a bumblebee theme (inspired by her nickname, Audrey Bee) and everything turned out so well. I loved the way our cupcakes, decorations and favors (bumblebee sugar cookies and Burt’s Bees lip balms!) turned out. We had about 30 or so guests, and Audrey was a little overwhelmed at first but was getting more and more into it as time went on. By the time she opened her presents, she was loving the attention and a birthday party expert! She didn’t smash her cake too dramatically, but in true Audrey fashion, she very daintily picked at it (until she rubbed her entire right arm in the frosting.) She didn’t seem to know what it was until she tasted it, then she kept shoving it into her mouth!

All in all, it was a great weekend, but not very relaxing. We are still putting our house back together after the invasion of Audrey’s toys/clothes. I have NO clue where we are going to stash half that stuff. Add that to the fact that she is now in her big girl carseat(s) and off bottles, and we have lots of “baby” things that need to be stored someplace. Maybe we’ll take on that challenge this weekend!

We are so grateful for everyone who came and showed their love for Audrey. She is such a lucky and loved little girl, and we couldn’t be happier that she has such great people in her life!

Here are some pictures:


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