What I love about Virginia

One of the things I have always loved about Virginia is just how different it is. It feels like you can turn one way and be in a huge city, turn another way and be in nature (lots of hiking, trails, rivers, etc) or turn yet another way and be in a historical, colonial type of area. It is the perfect mix of modernity and history. I don’t think there are very many other places quite like it. It’s definitely something we didn’t see in Montana, where the biggest city was about the size of Charlottesville, and every city was about 3 hours from the next. It almost feels like every weekend (that Brian’s off, anyway) is a vacation because we have gone to so many different things! I love that so many things are on the water…it’s hard not to feel relaxed when walking along the river, or eating near the National Harbor.

We went to Occoquan yesterday which is a little historical town on the river with lots of restaurants and shops. My friend, Cindy, suggested it after I lamented about how much we love Old Town Alexandria but how hard it is to navigate through with a baby. It was the perfect place to go yesterday! The shops were adorable and the restaurant we chose to eat at was really good. There were two wine shops (one of which sold only Virginia wines, my favorite) that offered free wine tasting. Of course I couldn’t leave without buying a few bottles. We weren’t able to stop in every shop we wanted to just because it was close to naptime, but we definitely plan on going again ASAP…maybe even next weekend. Brian really liked the Virginia wine store because it gave him the option of creating his own 6-pack of Virginia-brewed beer, so we can’t miss that opportunity!

I get so excited every time I think about the holidays and change of seasons here. I know Old Town Alexandria, Occoquan, downtown DC, etc are going to be so beautiful and I’m so happy to get to share in all of that for the next few years! They even have ghost tours for Halloween, and I reallllly want to go on one…

Here are some pictures of Occoquan:
Audrey and me on the river:

Daddy and Audrey watching ducks:

Some of the restaurants and shops:


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