Back to the grind…

of a full-time job. It has been a little bit of an adjustment, but overall, I am very happy. Audrey probably can’t say the same thing, though, since now she is in daycare more often. We have been lucky so far because Brian’s shift-work schedule has allowed him to spend a LOT of time with her rather than us having to send her to daycare for 8-9 hours a day, 5 days a week. It also makes it easier for me to go to work knowing that Audrey won’t necessarily be in daycare all day long. She has only been in daycare for about 2 days and (of course) has the daycare-induced cold. I know it’s inevitable (it happens every time we put her back there after a break), but it is still sad to see her not feeling well! Top that off with her 6th tooth pushing through, and she is a clingy little girl!

So far I have loved my job…well, maybe not the position as much as the organization. Working for GMU (and the state) has so many perks associated with it. UGF had some of those perks, but take that and multiply it by like, one hundred, and that’s how much better GMU’s are. It helps, of course, that GMU is a state school and is gigantic and has so many more opportunities.

Check out Audrey’s new sandbox and water table!


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  1. When B was basically a stay-at-home-dad and Willa was only at the sitter a few hours a day it made my transistion back to work so much easier. I am so glad things are working out and hope little Audrey starts feeling better!

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