Audrey’s first unassisted steps

Today was a big day for Miss Audrey. She took her first trip into DC, saw President Obama’s motorcade in action, got her “big girl” carseat AND took her first unassisted steps (okay, like TWO steps…and we just happened to catch them on the Flip.) It’s an almost 2 minute video and her first steps are towards the end.



Filed under Recaro Como, Washington DC

4 responses to “Audrey’s first unassisted steps

  1. Willa & I just watched this twice, she was fascinated. Way to go Audrey!

  2. GO AUDREY GO! Big girl. ::hands Liz tissue::

  3. Go Audrey!!!!!! You are so cute and your parents are so nice, you have lots of fun looking toys to play with little lady! ❤

  4. Yay Audrey!! I love how she pats the dog's head at the very end. SO CUTE!

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