Seriously. These last few days have been challenging. I don’t know how I am coherent enough to make any sense, so if you get confused at some point during this entry, chalk it up to me rambling incoherently.

We are in teething hell right now. Audrey’s currently getting her second top tooth (fourth tooth total.) I thought once we survived her first top tooth, the second would be a breeze (or, at the very least, a little bit easier.) GUESS AGAIN. I have NEVER seen her act like this. She has been up four times a night, every night. She will not eat more than a few bites of solids. She has had low-grade fevers and she NEVER gets fevers; the only other time she has ever had a fever was when she had her bout with RSV. She is a lot more sensitive to everything lately which means she whines and cries all.the.time. She’s also getting into the habit of taking things (mostly food) and throwing them if she doesn’t want it. I am having visions of the terrible twos and I do not like it. Pair teething with the usual temperature/humidity that comes with a Virginia summer, and it is a match made in…hell? Today’s temperature hit 102+ without taking into account the humidity, and Audrey ended up getting heat rash on top of already feeling crappy.

HELP. Please send in reinforcements.

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  1. Sorry!! Those days are so tough. Have you tried Motrin? Wishing you better days real soon!

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