Future supermodel?

Little Miss Audrey went into the doctor this past week (or the week before…I can’t remember anymore because time flies too fast.) This gave us the opportunity to see how much she weighs and how long she is. At 10 months, she is 29.5 inches tall (around the 75-85%) and 17 lbs (5-10%). WHEN DID SHE GET SO TALL AND SKINNY? She has always been skinny, but up to now, she’s been on the lower half of the percentile charts for height. This means that she is now too long for her size 9M footies which we just started putting her in about a month ago. She is usually behind on fitting into clothes (meaning she will fit into 9 month stuff after she hits 9 months and for at least another 3 months afterwards), so to only be in her 9M footies for a month is really hard for me to digest. It’s funny because she is too tall for 9M footies, but still at the lower weight range for them. This poses an interesting problem, but at least all of her non-footed 9M clothes still fit perfectly and seem like they’ll last through the summer.

Her first top tooth has finally cut through, but now we are waiting on the other one. I am pretty positive it will be here soon because she is exhibiting the same behavior that she did with the first one. This includes waking up at 4:30am and screaming…probably my least favorite teething symptom. This seems to be coming in a little easier than the first, though.

It has been really hard for us to enjoy the summer because it has been SO HOT. There is no way I am subjecting Audrey to these ridiculous temperatures. On one of the not so hot days, we walked the trail to Lake Accotink which is about five minutes from our house. I am happy we did that because now I’ve found my new walking path and I have visited it at least four times this week. Audrey also has her FIRST POOL. She loves the water and at least this will cool her down during the super hot days!



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2 responses to “Future supermodel?

  1. Yay for tall and skinny! Boo for top teeth 😦

  2. I have the same problem with Sam – he needs 6T for his height but only 3T for his skinny waist! Audrey is beautiful. Love the pic of her in her pool!

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