another milestone

Less than a week after she starting crawling, Audrey decided it was time to pull herself up to standing position. I was in our kitchen and she was in her fort (her baby cage!). She had been getting onto her knees all week, so I was convinced that was what she was doing, but lo and behold, when I looked over, she was ON HER FEET. She stayed there for a LONG time (long enough for me to snap multiple pictures), so the pictures below are from her FIRST TIME!

Ever since she has started crawling, she has been so much fun. She is a constant fit of giggles and laughs and mischief. Her crawling is dangerous because now she thinks she’s hot stuff and is taking more risks. This means that she plays all the time in her crib and ends up getting herself stuck. Every time I go in to rescue her or see what she’s doing, she gives me this sheepish “you caught me!” giggle and smile!

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