a post full of BIG news

AUDREY IS CRAWLING! She started on Wednesday and is getting good! We are in trouble. She and her cousin Lucas started crawling on the exact same day…they had been plotting about this during their visit with each other this past weekend!

I was offered a job last week with an adoption agency as one of their Africa Family Coordinators and will start on the 14th. I am excited to start work again, but sad to leave Audrey. We found a daycare for her that is similar to the CDC at Malmstrom (which she loved), so hopefully she will enjoy herself. The only semi-inconvenient thing is location. Brian has to drive past his work to get to it, and it’s completely out of the way of my work. I guess what matters, though, is that she will be taken care of. She is in her stranger danger phase, so I am worried about her first week there!

We had a fun and super busy Memorial Day weekend/graduation party trip up to Buffalo and we are looking forward to many more visits now that we are so close!

Without further ado, here is the crawler!



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