It’s been a while

If I were to catch you up on everything that has gone with us in the last month, I would never stop writing! I’ll summarize it in a few words: moving across the country sucks and is really stressful and we are happy that we don’t have to do it again for a while. Ugh, just thinking of doing this again in 4 years makes me shudder already!

Being in Virginia has been amazing so far. It’s so nice to be back east and to get to see some of our friends. I think we both feel a little more at home here. We enjoy the landscape, weather, and atmosphere back east much more than we liked the west. Montana was an adventure for sure, and not many of our friends can say they experienced an adventure like that! Even though we are happy to be back east, we do miss a few certain people in Montana, and will continue to miss them for a long time.

Audrey has been enjoying her new home and her (much) bigger room. She is getting so big and is almost crawling. She is constantly on hands and knees now, and she will get so mad because she hasn’t figured out how to officially crawl. She is an expert squirmer, though, and has been testing out her inner daredevil but attempting to escape from: 1) the couch, 2) her stroller and 3) the changing table. We’ve had to lower her crib mattress just in case. She’s also eating so many more solid foods these days, and it is a lot of fun to watch her learn how to feed herself! Her two teeth are getting a lot more visible now and definitely come in handy when she’s trying to eat her solids. She’s currently in swim lessons and LOVES the water. We keep saying that we need to buy her a baby pool soon; I think we need to just stop saying “soon” and do it NOW.


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  1. I LOVEEEE this picture of Audrey! (& seriously, she's wearing a flower on her head, of course I love it!)

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