7 months ago…

At this exact moment 7 months ago I was showering after having Audrey, and she and her daddy were in the nursery getting checked out. This has seriously been the fastest 7 months of my life! Now almost every night after Audrey goes to sleep, I’ll ask Brian some question about Audrey…questions like, “do you remember when she just had to be swaddled to fall asleep?” or “do you remember when she just would not handle eating off a spoon?” or “do you remember when she used to sleep next to us in her bassinet and we’d have to cuddle her some nights so she’d sleep?” Of course we both remember every single one of those moments, but at the same time, they all seem like so long ago. Our baby has come so far in such a short time! I’m sure Brian gets annoyed by these incessant questions, but I want to keep every single second fresh in my mind because time is going way too fast and life is so precious.

EDIT: did I ever mention in here that Audrey got her first tooth? Neither Brian or I noticed it visibly. I felt it one day when I was feeding her…I believe it was 3/30 that we made this discovery!


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  1. I love the pillowcase dress! I have been contemplating attempting one if I find a fabric I like. Very chic. It has been a fast 7 months and every post I feel like I know exactly how you feel.

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