Fingers crossed.

Please excuse my lack of exciting posts lately, but since I’m staying home with Audrey for a while, life is full of baby adventures and not necessarily adventures that are interesting to those without babies.

Audrey has a history of being a horrible napper because she is so nosy and just wants to play all day, even when she’s being super cranky. She is great when it comes time for actual bed, though, and (usually) sleeps pretty well at night. However, I am so fed up with her lack of napping that I am even more dedicated right now to making sure she gets her 3-4 hours of napping each day. Also, I would really like my sanity to return, and I have a feeling her naps and my sanity go hand in hand.

The No Cry Sleep Solution really helped us get Audrey’s bedtime to be consistent, and she thrives on that consistency and our routine. I thought I’d try out The No Cry Nap Solution to see if it would help with her naps, but I wasn’t really a fan. It didn’t really address her situation specifically. I just started reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Babies last night and it has already helped. I have been sort of against letting her “cry it out,” but the situation has gotten drastic! I cannot go in there to soothe her because it just riles her up more, so today was the first day of letting her CIO. She started off just talking to herself in her crib, then fussed a little, and then started screaming…that lasted maybe 5 minutes, and then she was back to vacillating between talking/fussing until she finally fell asleep an hour ago, and SHE IS STILL SLEEPING. The sweet sound of peace is amazing. I have heard it only gets easier from here on out because they learn how to soothe themselves fast, so I hope this is true! I hope the days of 20 minute catnaps are gone…

She is currently enjoying her solid-eating experience, though. Ironically, she is a fan of the veggies over the fruits. She’s had bananas, pears, avocados and sweet potatoes; she loves sweet potatoes and avocados but could take or leave the fruit. She’s also gotten a few tastes of bread which she loves. She is a true Italian girl. We are going to make spaghetti this week and see how she likes the plain noodles…that will be the true test of how Italian she is!


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  1. We used healthy sleep habits, happy babies with Jack and it worked wonderfully! Jack is down to just one nap a day but its a three hour nap and will sleep all night from 7:30pm to 7:30am….its SO worth it…but i remember those first few weeks of screaming and its awful. But it gets SO much better. I'm so excited that you guys are moving back soon! We will only be like an hour and a half away from each other!!! YAY!

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