Miss Independent

It seems like just yesterday that Audrey was awake every hour or two at night, and that she constantly needed to be held. I would stumble, bleary-eyed, into her nursery and rock her and nurse her (or just pick her up from her bassinet in the early days.) I remember when Brian and I felt like she would never sleep for long periods and she would certainly not do it unswaddled. We thought she would never voluntarily do tummy-time, or that she’d never be able to hold her head up on her own. For a long time, we thought the only sounds she’d make were cries and that her only smiles would be from gas.

Where did that time go? Audrey sleeps the majority of the night (unswaddled which was our latest victory this past week), and only usually needs our attention once a night. She will put herself back to sleep now and is learning to self-soothe. As I was rocking her the other night, I couldn’t help but think back to how easy it was to rock her as a newborn; now she’s getting so big, long & heavy, and the days of rocking her with ease are coming to an end. She loves being on her belly and can roll over at will, and boy does she love to talk, shriek & coo! She is quite the squirmer, kicker and mover. She can’t crawl yet, but she can maneuver herself to where she wants to go by kicking up her legs and squirming! She is so much fun, but not that dainty little newborn she was just a few months ago. She is much more indepedent, and doesn’t need us nearly as much as she used to. Like I said, she can put herself to sleep and plays by herself a lot now. In some aspects it’s nice, but I miss the cuddles that we had when she was littler and would curl up into our bodies or sleep on our chests.

It is so amazing, though, how smart she has gotten in five months!

Sidenote– still waiting on orders. I feel like we’re never leaving Great Falls!



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2 responses to “Miss Independent

  1. please get orders soon so I can finally meet precious Audrey!! 😉

  2. I suppose since our girls are so close in age it's easy for me to say ditto to all that you wrote. 5 months is such a short period of time yet they have changed so much.

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