This has been a big week for little Audrey. She got to play in snow, with play-doh (picture below…you can only sort of see the play-doh because she had it securely in her hands), AND she finally rolled from back to front.

Since we got a pretty big snowstorm last weekend (which has since moved to the mid-Atlantic, ha ha, sorry friends), Audrey’s daycare class was able to go outside this week to play in snow. Her daycare ladies said she loved to touch it, and would tap it with one finger.

This week, her daycare class was also introduced to play-doh! They invited the parents to come watch and luckily I was able to leave work early. Audrey was the littlest one there, and they weren’t sure how she’d react, but she had a good time! She was so interested in it and (of course) kept trying to eat it.

Today, Audrey finally got her big butt up and over and rolled from back to front! I don’t think she really knows how she did this and how to repeat it, but it was still exciting to see her finally do it. I was so excited that I think I scared her, and the puppies ended up getting up and showering her with kisses.

In news about Brian & me, we’re still waiting on official orders. Come on, AF! I’m also taking crochet lessons so that someday I can make cute things…and I am the youngest in the class, haha. I was also happy to discover that I am down another jeans size…hooray! 10 more lbs to go until I’m at pre-Audrey weight!

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  1. She's so precious and I can't wait to see her when y'all move to D.C. (and to meet Brian — I'm so behind!!)

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