Roll to me…sort of.

Audrey is a pro at rolling from tummy to back, but still hasn’t mastered the back to tummy roll. She is so, so, so close, but cannot seem to figure out how to get that big butt up and over! It’s like an anchor to the floor. It’s so funny to watch her. To encourage her to roll, we try to sit up near her head so that the easiest way to see us is on her belly. She’s generally a good sport about it, but she also has moments when she gets so mad that she can’t do it yet! It will happen any day now, though, and I just hope she’s not at daycare when it does!

She’s also getting much chattier and she cannot resist a mommy smile, even when she’s in the middle of crying. I have this new game I play with her now called “Peek-a-boo, Pikachu!” I’m not really sure why I started calling her “Pikachu” (though it’s probably a better nickname than “Stinky”); I probably started because it rhymes (sort of)with “Peek-a-Boo.” Regardless, it makes her laugh and laugh!

She’s also starting to sleep much better on her own. She can generally put herself to sleep at night and doesn’t need us to rock her until she’s completely passed out anymore. Sometimes she’ll need to watch her mobile or Sally (her seahorse) to fall asleep, but other times she’ll be asleep when she hits the mattress. The bassinette-to-crib transition was much easier than either Brian or I expected. Victory! That being said, though, sometimes we still cuddle with her in bed, or rock her to sleep, simply because we know these moments are fleeting and someday we’ll wish for them back.

It should be an interesting week–hopefully orders are here by the end of it! We have been anxious for a while, but we’re getting even more anxious to get to warmer weather after the giant snowstorm this weekend. Maybe this is our last Great Falls snowstorm? Pssh…who am I kidding?


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  1. Amy

    Yes, Audrey and Zeke most definitely need a playdate when you're back in the area! Hope you're having a great week…

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