Casual Male shopping spree on us!

Brian and I found out this weekend that we had our credit card number stolen by someone, and that two people in California attempted to use it at a Casual Male. In Brian’s words, “If you’re going to steal a credit card number, why not go somewhere good, like Best Buy?!” We were able to laugh about it at first only because USAA had caught it and the two people were arrested. However, yesterday, I talked w/ the Fresno detective who is in charge of this case, and he said many other of our bank’s customers were also victims, and it looked like it could potentially be an inside job which means this person could have access to our other personal information. Great! Just what we want to worry about!

In other news, we’re still waiting on official orders, and starting to get super anxious. We have both pretty much checked out already (or at least as much as possible), so we are anxious to OFFICIALLY get to check out. I’ve been looking into graduate programs in DC, and there aren’t many counseling options, which is okay. Since I only have 10 out of 60+ credits for a Master’s in Counseling degree, I’m not 100% invested in staying that course. I found a program offered by GWU that I am really excited about. It’s a Master’s in Public Policy with a concentration in Women’s Studies…so pretty much right up my alley. Plus, what better place to study public policy than in DC? So that’s my new graduate route as of this moment.

Ms. Thang got her 4 month shots today and boy, was it hard! Last time wasn’t quite as bad (in my opinion), but maybe that’s because her daddy held her that time. She seemed to flinch a lot more this time and then just screamed and screamed; she looked at us like, “what did I do wrong?” It also doesn’t help that she was exhausted because she woke up at 3:45 this morning and didn’t go back to sleep at all for the rest of the day (aside for 2 half an hour naps.) Needless to say, she is currently passed out in her nursery right now, and probably will be for the majority of the night.


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