Audrey’s first Christmas/Baptism

Travel woes aside, we had a great trip back to Buffalo. It was so much fun to introduce Audrey to everyone (and to meet a few new family members ourselves)and to spend Audrey’s first Christmas with a ton of family. We spent Christmas Eve w/ Brian’s family and Christmas day with my aunts/uncles/cousins. I think we were both overwhelmed at the amount of love and generosity bestowed upon Audrey! She got so many kisses and cuddles and hugs! Her daddy also got a great Christmas present in the form of tickets on the ice and next to the Sabres bench for their game against Ottawa. He was in heaven! I’ll let him post about that, though.

The day she was baptized was so much fun, too. Heather (her godmother) was able to fly in to be there, and a bunch of family came to the Mass/Baptism. Brian’s parents hosted lunch afterwards where we were able to spend even more time with our families. It was such a special day, and I think Brian and I both got a little bit emotional at times. We love Audrey so much, and taking care of her is such a huge honor and a big responsibility. We are so lucky to be given the opportunity to raise her surrounded by so much love and support.

Despite having so much fun, Audrey had a hard time getting adjusted to such a new environment and so many new people. She was a little extra fussy at times, but I think she managed to give everyone at least one smile!

It was so nice to be able to see so many people. We hadn’t been back to Buffalo since our wedding a year and a half ago, so we were anxious to see family/friends again. I am counting down until our move so that we can visit family and friends more often! Audrey and her cousin Hannah are going to be great friends and “princesses” together when Audrey gets bigger! I think they already love each other! It will be so much fun getting to watch them play together!

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