Adventures in traveling

Our first Christmas with Audrey will probably take up more than this one post…if not, this post would be about 4 pages long! Plus, I doubt Audrey will sleep long enough for me to recall all of the fun we had over the last 10+ days.

It wouldn’t be a trip across the country without some crazy travel mishap, and boy did we have a few. We found out the night before we were supposed to fly out that our flight from Great Falls was cancelled. Greeeeat. The only way we even found out was through one of our friends who happened to be on the same flight. Brian ended up driving to the airport to try and rebook us while I tried to get through to Northwest’s customer service (is there such a thing?) The airport ended up being closed (ha), and I ended up on the phone for a looong time. We were initially rebooked on a flight out of Helena that next morning, but the weather was way too bad for us to be able to drive through the mountains to get to the airport. After a total of about 2 hours on the phone with Northwest (not one consecutive phone call, thank God), we ended up being booked on a flight out of Missoula the next afternoon. Missoula is 3 hours away, so we started off our trip with a long drive over the Continental Divide in order to make our thrice rebooked flight. Our flight in Missoula ended up being delayed, which meant that we had to literally run our butts off (good thing Audrey was being good) to make our connecting flight to Cleveland. We ended up getting into Cleveland around 11pm. Brian’s dad met us there and drove us back to Buffalo, where we arrived at around 315am. You can imagine how excited Audrey was about the day’s excitement. She did such a great job in the airports/planes, but you could tell she was ready to be done. She was so off-schedule for the first few days!

We smartened up for our trip back to Great Falls and ended up just spending the night in Missoula rather than trying to drive another 3 hours (in addition to the 3 hours from Buffalo to Cleveland that morning)after we landed. All we have to say is “thank God this is our last flying experience for a while!” After this, we’ll be in DC which is driving distance away from all family. Hooray! And even if we DO have to fly, it will be out of DC and we’ll probably be able to catch direct flights pretty much everywhere we’d need to go!

More on our actual trip and Christmas in the next post…


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