Every day is an adventure

Between Murphy’s law, having a newborn, living in Great Falls and both of us having somewhat crazy and unpredictable jobs, every day is an adventure, especially these last few weeks. Audrey’s recovered nicely from her “crazy baby” episode last weekend, and has a little boyfriend at daycare whom she talks to and stares at every day. They were born two days apart, so they even had a brief stint in the Benefis nursery together!As you can see by the photo, though, she was not the biggest fan of Santa.

One of the directors at work quit and so I have the burden of taking on her job, plus my job…way stressful. To add insult to injury, I just took a pay-cut before Audrey came to switch to a less stressful job that doesn’t require me to travel or work evenings/weekends. Now I’m even more stressed than in my old job and getting paid less. Hmph.

Brian’s job is same old, same old. We’re just waiting for our paper orders to DC so that we can start making concrete plans!

Our dryer broke twice this weekend, so we ended up getting to invest in a new washer/dryer. They’re high efficiency, front-loaders and I’m secretly a little bit excited that we got to buy them. It’s sad how things like washers/dryers & vacuum cleaners can get someone all excited! Now if only that Dyson I’ve been coveting is somewhere in my near future, but I doubt that.

We are off to Buffalo on Tuesday for Christmas and Audrey’s baptism…who knows what adventures will await us there!


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  1. Amy

    I love predictability. I mean, I LOVE it. So when I had Zeke it pretty much threw my entire world upside down, much more than it would have if I DIDN'T have a thing for predictability. You adapt, though, and go with the flow of things, which you've obviously managed just fine. Plus, when you think about it now, don't you love her so much that you wouldn't have it any other way? I love to get together sometime when you're back in the area, by the way šŸ™‚

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