A trying last few days…

This past weekend was a very, very challenging one. Let me just preface the story by saying that over the past month, Audrey has really become a happy baby who sleeps really well. Unfortunately, that Audrey took a three-day hiatus.

Audrey spent the majority of this weekend just screaming. You could tell she was in pain and didn’t feel well. She wasn’t eating as well and she wouldn’t suck on her pacifier; she would only gum at it. She wouldn’t sleep, and if she did go to sleep, she’d wake up after an hour or two and just scream. Then her screaming would cause her to throw up some of her milk. She was also drooling CONSTANTLY (Audrey is not usually a drooler.) Not only was it heartbreaking to watch, it was also really frustrating.

We think she had a few days of teething. Even though it’s pretty early for teething, it can start in some babies as early as 3 months, and even if a tooth doesn’t surface until around 6 months (the “norm”), the teeth can start shifting as early as three months, and all of her symptoms are classic teething symptoms. Poor Audrey and poor us! We didn’t expect to have to deal with this for a few more months!

She seems to be better today. We scheduled a doctor’s appt for her just to be sure it wasn’t anything serious, and the doctor said she looked just fine. She also had a good day in daycare, and went to sleep almost as soon as we brought her home from the CDC…let’s hope she stays asleep for a while!

She is now 22.8 inches long and a whopping 10 lbs, 5 oz…still itty bitty, but growing!


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